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This is a group for flying pokemon! Feel free to join and submit art.
Just founded!

So anyways your aloud to submit ANY art w/ flying pokemon in it.
yup. even adoptables too
Founded 6 Years ago
Sep 12, 2010


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Time to attempt to bring this place to life.
If you wouldn't mind, tell a couple of your friends of this place. Know any other awesome groups? Tell us, we'll affiliate. Got any really cool pictures of flying pokemon? Suggest them as favorites for the group! :D We'll be happy to oblige.
If you have any questions or comments, we're here. Well, at least I am. XD

--Katy, aka DrUmMeR-GuY

Oh and Lori, sorry for kind of... Taking over all of a sudden. XD If you know what I mean.
Sudden inspiration sort of... Bugged me. :dummy: This place needs more love and activity, it's a freaking epic cause.
More Journal Entries

Flying Pokemon!

All pokemon that are aloud to be submitted!

006 Charizard |Fire/Flying
012 Butterfree |Bug/Flying
016 Pidgey |Normal/Flying
017 Pidgeotto |Normal/Flying
018 Pidgeot |Normal/Flying
021 Spearow |Normal/Flying
022 Fearow |Normal/Flying
041 Zubat |Poison/Flying
042 Golbat |Poison/Flying
083 Farfetch'd |Normal/Flying
084 Doduo |Normal/Flying
085 Dodrio |Normal/Flying
123 Scyther |Bug/Flying
130 Gyarados |Water/Flying
142 Aerodactyl |Rock/Flying
144 Articuno |Ice/Flying
145 Zapdos |Electric/Flying
146 Moltres |Fire/Flying
149 Dragonite |Dragon/Flying
163 Hoothoot |Normal/Flying
164 Noctowl |Normal/Flying
165 Ledyba |Bug/Flying
166 Ledian |Bug/Flying
169 Crobat |Poison/Flying
176 Togetic |Normal/Flying
177 Natu |Psychic/Flying
178 Xatu |Psychic/Flying
187 Hoppip |Grass/Flying
188 Skiploom |Grass/Flying
189 Jumpluff |Grass/Flying
193 Yanma |Bug/Flying
198 Murkrow |Dark/Flying
207 Gligar |Ground/Flying
225 Delibird |Ice/Flying
226 Mantine |Water/Flying
227 Skarmory |Steel/Flying
249 Lugia |Psychic/Flying
250 Ho-Oh |Fire/Flying
267 Beautifly |Bug/Flying
276 Taillow |Normal/Flying
277 Swellow |Normal/Flying
278 Wingull |Water/Flying
279 Pelipper |Water/Flying
284 Masquerain |Bug/Flying
291 Ninjask |Bug/Flying
333 Swablu |Normal/Flying
334 Altaria |Dragon/Flying
357 Tropius |Grass/Flying
373 Salamence |Dragon/Flying
384 Rayquaza |Dragon/Flying
396 Starly |Normal/Flying
397 Staravia |Normal/Flying
398 Staraptor |Normal/Flying
414 Mothim |Bug/Flying
415 Combee |Bug/Flying
416 Vespiquen |Bug/Flying
425 Drifloon |Ghost/Flying
426 Drifblim |Ghost/Flying
430 Honchkrow |Dark/Flying
441 Chatot |Normal/Flying
458 Mantyke |Water/Flying
468 Togekiss |Normal/Flying
469 Yanmega |Bug/Flying
472 Gliscor |Ground/Flying
492 Shaymin |Grass/Flying
519 Pidove |Normal/Flying
520 Tranquil |Normal/Flying
521 Unfezant |Normal/Flying
527 Woobat |Psychic/Flying
528 Swoobat |Psychic/Flying
561 Sigilyph |Psychic/Flying
566 Archen |Rock/Flying
567 Archeops |Rock/Flying
580 Ducklett |Water/Flying
581 Swanna |Water/Flying
587 Emolga |Electric/Flying
627 Rufflet |Normal/Flying
628 Braviary |Normal/Flying
629 Vullaby |Dark/Flying
630 Mandibuzz |Dark/Flying
641 Tornados |Flying
642 Thundurus |Electric/Flying
645 Landorus |Ground/Flying


Feel free to ask us questions!

We don't bite. XD







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